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MP+ and The Care Pack UK Charity in partnership

MicroPerformance+ are delighted to announce our support and partnership with the Charity “The Care Pack” during this holiday season.

With an estimated 4700 people sleeping rough in the UK, and a quarter of them in London, (an increase of 169 percent since 2010) this incredible charity is set out to help the homeless, especially in the cold Christmas period.

“The Care Pack” provides a backpack filled with essential items and resources for the homeless individuals who are sleeping rough in the UK. These items are carefully selected to help a homeless person survive the winter months with a greater degree of comfort.

The founder’s vision is simple; “In 2018 people should not be without food, water and a home in third world countries, let alone in the streets of London. We can’t cure the world of all its problems, but we can start somewhere, and there really isn’t anywhere better than on our own doorstep. We live in a privileged world and it’s nice to be able to give back in some way. And please remember: charities are not mutually exclusive – you can give to several worthy causes at the same time!”

The organisation has already grown in a short 2 years since it was established, and there are ambitious plans to expand further and help more people.

In our mission to help this worthy cause, MicroPerformance+ have provided some products and organisational expertise in order for the backpacks to be compiled, ready to be distributed amongst the most needy in our society.

With the cold winter months looming, survival packs provide an immediate difference in someone’s life. Help The Care Pack UK by becoming a volunteer and helping to put together or distribute the backpacks. If you like to help or donate to this amazing charity, please visit their website

The Care Pack UK
The Care Pack UK Charity


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