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Colour Me Crazy – Smashing New Saddle Pad Range

So after some delay (thanks global pandemic!) we had an exciting delivery this week…

LOTS of big boxes containing thousands of new saddle pads in four splendid colours. We may be a bit late to the matchy matchy party (hey we are traditionalists) but we finally gave into our fans requests for more colours. We felt it was fitting that with the new season, should come new colours.

Presenting the same great saddle pad but now available in charcoal grey with black piping, nautical navy with white piping, jet black with white piping as well as white (for traditionalists). There are Dressage, GP and Jumping styles available in every colour.

MicroPerformance is a unique concept in horse and rider wear, in terms of design, durability and price point. As with all our products, these pads have been designed and made to the highest specification. Using advanced materials for optimum performance and ergonomic designs for comfort including high wither shape and no rough stitching or tags. Our cool mesh lining provides anti-slip and sweat absorbing properties that cannot be rivalled.

Saddle Pads from MicroPerformance


When we started working on this pad four years ago, we wanted to produce something that was better than anything else available; using materials which had never been used in the equestrian space. So we consulted top level riders in every discipline but also an Olympic vet, a physiotherapist, a chiropractor and a world leading saddler. We appreciate style and appearance matters too, so we even consulted a stylist in our design process.

Our list of ambassadors speaks a thousand words. Olympic event rider and Badminton winner, Sam Griffiths uses our products on all his horses and even jumped around Badminton in full MP+ kit. Dannie Morgan has just been crowned Dressage National Champion and Julie Andrews has competed on British Nations Cup teams. We also sponsor the Windrush Foundation, a group of talented event riders all aiming for the Olympics.

For September only, we are offering 10% off the new range, so tap the link to buy before they run out.

And if we do run out, bear with us as production for high end products at our factory, has been slower than normal. But we promise you, they are worth the wait…


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