Windrush Rider Alicia Hawker
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Final in the Top Training Tips Series -Alicia Hawker;

Trot sequence to help keep the horse ‘off the leg’ and engage the hind end.

In association with MicroPerformance and Windrush Equestrian, Alicia Hawker perfectly demonstrates the how to engage the hind end of your horse with an active trotting sequence

  • Set the raised poles, in a straight line, 1 pace apart
  • In each corner of the arena make a trot-walk-trot transition and then into a 10m circle at both A and C
  • Be strict with yourself and make sure that in the transitions the leg aids are a squeeze only and that on the circle you are turning with the outside leg and not the inside rein
  • Look up and over the poles to feel the straightness

Alicia is using her MicroPerformance Pro-Sport Jumping pad



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