Windrush Equestrian Rider Max Warburton
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First in the Series of Training Tips in association with Windrush Equestrian – Max Warburton;

5 poles on a curve – to help the horse to bring the hind leg under them

In association with MicroPerformance and Windrush Equestrian, Max Warburton explains one of his favourite training techniques:

  • Can be done in walk, trot and canter
  • Start the exercise in walk and let the horse work out where to put their feet
  • When progressing to trot focus on keeping them relaxed and making the turn through the outside shoulder
  • Once you’ve completed in walk, trot and canter you can increase the difficulty for canter by raising the outside of the poles

Max is using his MicroPerformance ProSport Impact Jumping Pad with D3O



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