Pro-Trainer Riding Gloves
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How having the right gloves can boost confidence and performance.

It’s simple. The clothing you wear is going to make a difference, if you believe it is going to help you perform better.

Pro-Trainer Riding Gloves
Pro-Trainer Riding Gloves

We have all read about the positive impact of wearing the right clothes for an interview, the workplace, a big occasion or even just a night out when you want to feel like your best self. If you feel good in what you are wearing, there is a good chance that you will perform well. There is actually a term for this “enclothed cognition”. Naturally this phenomenon extends to sport too.

So when searching for riding gloves, what properties are likely to boost your confidence and therefore performance? A few buzz words for you:







  • Riding requires a glove which give you the ultimate “feel” or contact to get the best out of your horse.
  • A must-have safety feature is grip which should apply when your hands and the reins are wet from water or sweat.
  • You also probably want to protect your hands from the weather and also rein- rubs and callouses.
  • Much of the time when we are riding and training horses, we need to move our fingers. This is where flexibility and comfort comes in.
  • A breathable material is vital in a high-octane sport such as riding, to stop the skin becoming sweaty and therefore limiting optimum performance.

MicroPerformance Lite Rider Gloves ticks all the boxes because we know that when you have the correct tools of the trade, you are going to feel more confident  and this confidence translates to improved performance.

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