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MicroPerformance+ Riding Gloves Endorsed by Kent Police Physiotherapist.

MicroPerformance+ Lite Contact Riding Gloves Fully Endorsed by Kent Police Physio, Mark Heffernan.

Chartered Physio and Author, Mark Heffernan Talks about MP+ Riding Gloves


Mark Heffernan is an experienced physiotherapist and author of “I am the Referee”. Not only does he offer therapy to Kent Police officers, he also fixes ordinary as well as professional sports people, when it comes to aches and pain resulting from muscular or structural issues.

We gave mark a set of our Pro-Trainer and Lite Contact gloves to try out, and see of the breath-ability and other features of these versatile gloves are of any benefit to him.

“The thinner glove is perfect for driving, tasks in the garden on cold mornings offering grip and protection during tasks.  The grip of the glove is superb for handling the steering wheel and picking up items in the cold that may be covered in condensation.  I tried them on my training evenings and while playing football.   They keep the hands at a good temperature without sweating due to the breath ability of the material” Mark said of the Lite Contact range.

The video shows the capabilities of these gloves:


He went on to expand; “The thicker glove – Pro-Trainer – is great for the very cold days working in the garden, stable or garage.  It offers protection to the hands when using garden implements or metal tools that could be very cold.  The grip ensures good control of implements.”

Mark further explained the versatility of the products; “In my line of work, I deal with a lot of people who suffer from poor blood circulation in their hands. This problem tends to get worse in colder weather conditions. I understand that the gloves were developed for equestrian sports, but they are very much multipurpose and can be adapted to everyday activities. Both gloves are ideal for persons with painful hands, arthritic changes as they help to keep the heat in, yet the sweat out. I would be more than happy to recommend their use to any of my clients”


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