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MicroPerformance+ Protective Boots – What’s all the Buzz About?

Breathable Tendon Boots SpecHigh Quality Fetlock Boots

Whether you enjoy cross-country hacks, competing, or you’re concerned about your horse’s safety during transit, MicroPerformance+ technology will help to provide your horse’s legs with ultimate comfort and protection.  Our great range of boots and bandages includes Tendon Boots, Fetlock Boots and Leg Bandages, but what makes them stand out?

A good equine boot will help to protect your horse’s delicate bones from injury, whereas a poor boot can result in heat build-up and poor performance. Unfortunately, the lower part of a horse’s leg is not protected by muscle tissue, meaning that there is no natural protection from blows or knocks to the leg. Without boots, your horse’s delicate structure is exposed to both external hazards and knocks from his own hooves, meaning that leg protection is important not only for competing horses but for all.  However, some leg boots can leave your horse feeling sweaty and uncomfortable, while others provide very little impact defence. With so many products on the market, choosing the right material can be tricky, which is why MicroPerformance+ have done the ‘legwork’ for you.

Let’s start with our highly breathable and anatomically designed Tendon Boots for horses. As with all our products, we’ve combined our engineering knowhow with our equestrian experience to manufacture these high-quality boots to the very best standard. Equally important for both training and competitions, our Tendon Boots have a durable 5mm neoprene lining with distinct breathable holes, helping to keep your horse as dry and comfortable as possible. In addition, we’ve included a moulded plastic outer layer to shield your horse from more forceful knocks – ensuring maximum protection from injury.

Best used alongside the Tendon Boots, MicroPerformance+ Fetlock boots provide the same comfort and protection for your horse’s back-legs. Manufactured to the same high-specification, the thick neoprene lining gives a firm but comfy feel against your horse’s skin and the high-quality outer shell defends those important joints from inadvertent knocks and blows.

As well as protecting your horse during schooling and competition, it is vital to look after their limbs during transit. As recent studies have shown, over half of equine injuries obtained during transit involve the lower limbs, which is why MicroPerformance+ have designed their Travel Bandages with both safety and comfort in mind. Our soft fleece lining will help your horse to feel cosy on his travels and our ‘special material’ ensures maximum breathability. As always, you can rely on MicroPerformance+ to deliver the very best technology and expertise, leaving you and your horse to enjoy what’s important – each other.


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