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MicroPerformance+ Story

MicroPerformance+ Story,

To celebrate the launch of our new website, it was fitting to tell the MicroPerformance+ story from the beginning.

We started out with an idea to make design improvements on equestrian products to enhance comfort, performance and longevity. It was borne out of a personal passion and the feeling that some staple items in any tack room just were not up to the job. We tested the water with a saddle pad designed to absorb moisture and heat and avoid saddle slip and rubbing. It turned out to be a huge success and with our initial amateur marketing efforts, we were selling to the UK, US and Europe.


Then came the tendon and fetlock boots. With a shock-resistant casing to protect those precious tendon and ligaments plus an inner lining that  allowed the skin to breathe, these stood out from the crowd in terms of performance wear. They are being used at elite level by our jumping ambassadors and are now undergoing some design improvements, after we came across an amazing discovery… so watch this space


Next up was the coldest winter on record and Ellie was feeling her bad circulation.

“My hands are a state but wearing gloves can be irritating and unsafe, when you can’t use your fingers effectively. I hate schooling in thick gloves when I am trying to maintain the ideal contact on my horse’s mouth.”


In response, Arash develops two styles of gloves for all Equestrian use from competing to yard work. Our “Lite Contact” are now one of our biggest sellers. Unsurprisingly since they are one of the few gloves on the market which are thin enough to “feel” (and write a whole email on your mobile) but shower proof, breathable with fantastic grip.


Before we knew it, we had developed a range of innovative Equestrian products which responded to market demands and were wholly effective in the job they were meant for with Riders saying “Wow, this works!”  


We have some other ground-breaking products being tried and tested at the moment. These will have lift-off in 2019 and we would love you to join us on our exciting journey.


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