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Riding School Views

Boxley riding school is one of the very first stables to test the MicroPerformance+ Numnah Saddle Pads and we asked Coral’s opinion about the product.

Coral Frazer is the founder of Boxley riding school in Kent

As a rider and former point-to-point jockey, she learnt to ride before she could walk!

“The riding school has been around for many years. We have a wide range of horses and ponies, and cater for a novice as well as more serious riders.”

When we were first approached to try the numnah saddle pads, they sounded too good to be True; it was claimed that they possess special qualities since they can absorb the sweat away from the horse’s back during work, yet dry quickly once you hang them out to dry. They were also supposed to be anti-odour and nonslip.

We have two cobs that tend to sweat buckets when they go out for a hack, and I thought using the Numnah on them would certainly provide a stern test.

During the hotter months of summer, we tacked the horse’s up and I’m pleased to say each time the horse’s came back, the area under the saddle was almost completely dry, whilst the pads were soaking. To everyone’s surprise, however, 20 minutes after turning the pads inside out, they dried completely with a very little residual smell.

What is also impressive is the fact that they wash really well. Having used them for almost a year, the Numnah hasn’t lost its shape or colours. I also like the fact that they are anti-slip; without causing discomfort, they seem to stick to the horse, literally making sure that the equipment and horse are part of each other.

MicroPerformance+ Numnah saddle pads are a durable and well-performing product and I recommend them to anyone who rides.

MicroPerformance+ Numnah Pads


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