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Time for Dressage Top Training Tip – from Lewis Carrier

Poles on a diagonal line to improve the horse’s leg-yield and half-pass

Young Team GB Dressage Rider and MicroPerformance Sponsored Rider, Lewis Carrier shares his Leg-Yield and Half-Pass Training Techniques:

Place poles on a diagonal line across the school

  • Use the poles as a guideline to keep the horse on a consistent, straight angle
  • Concentrate on pushing the horse off of the inside leg, into the outside rein
  • Start by practicing leg-yields, with young horses
  • Move up to the half-pass, more suitable for better trained horses
  • Ending with the canter half-pass
  • Once the horse is established, poles can be removed

Noor is using his MicroPerformance ProSport Impact Dressage Pad



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