Pro-Trainer Gloves

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  • Medium weight work/yard gloves
  • Warm, breathable and easy care
  • Rain and wind resistant with touch-screen capability
  • Super grip technology enhanced
  • Can be also be used for riding
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L


Designed to cater for most daily outdoor activities MP+ Medium weight work gloves are versatile and durable.

The Pro-Trainer range work gloves benefit from super grip technology – The silicon, anti-slip patterns on the palm of the gloves and fingers provide close feel and hold for the wearer. Whilst keeping your hands warm, you can carry on with your work around the yard, adjust your horses tack during a lunging session or even walk the dog in total control.
Although they are thicker than the MP+ Lite Contact riding range, during the harsh winter months, they can be used for riding with the super grip patterns applied to the area between the ring and little fingers, giving you the control needed with the rains.
The advanced development of these gloves enable you to carry on as normal without having to take them off, especially in the cold of winter;

  • With touchscreen capabilities, your phone can always be used as normal.
  • The slick design means that there is no need for zips or straps to fasten the gloves; they just fit to your hands snugly, like a second skin.
  • The breathable material, laced with water-resistant coating gives you a layer of dry and windproof protection against the elements.
  • Also suitable for bike riders, drivers, gardeners and any general outdoor exertion.
  • Sizes: XS,S, M, L

Remember to check the size of your hands for the correct size

You can also purchase the Lite Contact riding gloves here.

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Gloves Sizes

xs, s, m, l

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  1. Amazon UK

    Great gloves, really warm and extremely grippy.
    Great gloves, really warm and extremely grippy.
    The fact I can use my phone without having to take them off, especially in the cold and rain is a huge bonus.

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