Noor Slaoui
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International Event Rider, Noor Slaoui is a MicroPerformance Brand Ambassador

Noor Slaoui is the Latest International Rider to Join the MicroPerformance Team of Sponsored Riders

Young, talented and ambitious, Noor Slaoui has been representing Morocco as a 3 Day Event Rider, and we are delighted to welcome her to our team of MicroPerformance advocates.

“I am a Moroccan event rider based in Oxfordshire. My passion for equestrian sports began in my early childhood in Casablanca, Morocco. Aged 18, I headed to Saumur, France and spent a year studying at the Cadre Noir de Saumur where I gained a degree of International Riding Instructors.”

After that, I moved to the UK to study Politics and International relations at Warwick University. I ended up spending most of my time working with horses and soon caught the eventing bug.

Once I graduated, I started to ride full time and worked my way up from BE90 to 3*. Thanks to the support of my Federation, Sponsors and Owners, I was able to build a strong team of horses and compete throughout Europe. I am hoping to represent my nation at the Next World Championships and Paris 2024 Olympics.

Noor Slaoui


Unlike a lot of riders I only started eventing fairly late. I had never heard of it back home and it was only during my third year studying at University, that I decided to give it a go.

Fast forward a couple of years I am now the only rider to represent Morocco in eventing at the International Level which is a great privilege and also the highlight of my career so far.

I love every aspect of it from training the horses of all ages to become successful triathletes to leaving the xc startbox full of adrenaline and excitement.

I am thrilled to be partnering with MicroPerformance, because they apply such great attention to detail, in all their products. I love the design and the quality exceeds most on the market.


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